FizzyPepper Dev/LLL

2030 by 2030

Short and simple: The 2030 by 2030 Challenge is a challenge that I created on my own and put myself up to. The challenge is to draw 2030 pieces of art between January 1, 2020 and January 1, 2030. Whether the piece is digital or traditional or SFW or not doesn't matter. Quality-wise, it just needs to be at least as substantial as a final line-art piece.


1: Each piece must be at or past the finished line-art stage.

2: Sketch dumps will only count if there are 4-10 or more sketches on the page, depending on how detailed the sketches are.

3: If your animation is not at the finished line-art stage, it must have eight or more distinct frames to count.

4: NSFW pieces must be saved with a censored/SFW edit.

5: Pieces should be written on the list as, for example: "September 16, 1888 - Cafe Terrace at Night [Painting, Traditional, ]" or "January 1, 2020 - Raini Calls for Help [Line-art, Digital Image, CSP]."

6: Have fun and try not to burn yourself out! Remember, you have 10 years, and that's a super long time! [3650 days / 2030 pieces = 1 piece every ~1.8 days]

Try it out yourself if you want. But the thing is, if I ever put random 4-digit numbers with a bunch of 0's in front on my art, now you know why! :)