About Me

i'm daytona!!!

would you look at that??? it's me!! the person on the logo!! i also wrote and designed this entire website all by myself!! anyway, enough bragging--I'M DAYTONA (she/they,) but you can call me toni or day!! i was born in 2001, making me 19 at the time of writing this!! but maybe i'm actually 20 or older and i've just forgotten to update the site for a long time... or i abandoned this place,, anyway, LABELS! i'm a nonbinary transfemme, i'm pansexual, i can only speak english, i'm a ravenclaw, i live in the usa, and i have... way too much free time!!

regardin' what i take part in

let's see here,, well, i'm sort of a jack of all trades! well, almost all anyway... that is to say i do quite a few things!!!

i love my friends,,

surprise!!! i know this page is supposed to be about me,, but i gotta give a serious shouthout to some of my absolutely amazing friends for keepin me happy and sane enough to keep going on and on in this world,, really, my life would be awful if it weren't for every one of you on this list,, anyone who isn't following these people, please go and do that right now!!!!

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