hello, internauts! my name is daytona and you must have just stumbled across my personal webpage! this is where all of my creative output, be it mastery or vomit, GOES!!! i also made it to pin down a sort of aesthetic for myself, as well as improve my HTML/JS/CSS skills!! i hope you enjoy your stay and find everything you need to in my neck of the woods, and if you have anything to scream and cry at me about, talk to me!! i love you and i'd be happy to chat!! have lots and lots of fun, and if you're looking for something else, maybe it could be fizzypepper games, the website where i promote and store my video games! click on the fizzy pepper in the top-right corner to venture off, and remember, both websites are best viewed on a computer screen!!! uwu

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[10/14/20] revamping the website completely [to account for my transition as well as to fix some broken code and design] has begun!!! things may be unstable and empty for a bit, but give it time and everything should be up to snuff soon!!

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