FizzyPepper Dev/LLL


Lootcreate is a game all about opening crates, getting loot, and selling that loot to open up more crates! [or keeping it to sell later!] There are 64 different pieces of loot to collect, ranging from Ultra Common to Unbelievably Godly! This is a tiny little minimalistic project just to get me back into the developing game since I haven't ever really finished a game before. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Lootcreate 1.2 (Mar 30, '20)

Lootcreate 1.1 Day 1 Patch (Mar 24, '20)

Lootcreate 1.0 (Mar 23, '20)


1.2 (All Roads Lead to Larry) notes
1.1 Day 1 Patch notes